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September 26, 2022 / Posted in Before the Move
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When planning a relocation, you probably want to tell all your friends and family members about the good news. There are numerous ways you can notify them of your relocation, and some are simply more fun than others. If you wish to try some really unique moving announcements and inform your loved ones about the move in a super fun and quirky way, we have some more than great ideas to share with you.

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When planning a relocation - figure out how to notify your loved ones about the move

Relocations Should Not Go Without Creating Unique Moving Announcements for Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re going through a bigger move to another state or you are just relocating to a new city, notifying your friends and family about the move is obligatory. Even if you have already told them on certain occasions that you are planning on relocating to a new home, it is quite useful to notify them about the move in writing about the exact time of relocation and your newest address.

This will be a really heartfelt gesture to show them how much you care about them, and they will have your announcement as a reminder of your newest home address. You may think you are not too creative for this job, but, lucky for you, we have some super fun ideas to help you out. So, how do you announce that you are moving? Keep reading, and you’ll discover some really great ways.

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Cute and Funny Cards Could Be Some Really Creative Moving Announcements

Informing your loved ones about the change of your address needs to be on your relocating to-do list because it must not be one of the things that you will forget to do during the move. When you are relocating away from your friends and family, it is important to make an effort and create some interesting ways to inform them about your move, especially if you are cross-country moving. Sending a simple card to each one of your closest buddies and family will be super thoughtful and a great way to inform them of the precise details of your move.

What Do You Write in a Moving Announcement Card?

So, now that you have an idea of why it is so important to prepare some announcement paper notes for your loved ones, you may be wondering – what should you write in them? The two main things about these notes are that they should be short and informative. In there you should write things like:

  • Your full name (in case you are relocating to a new city alone)
  • Name of your household members (if you are relocating with kids or your parents)
  • Your current address,
  • Your future address,
  • Contact information,
  • Basic details of your relocation (time, reason, duration, and so on).

After writing all this common information about your movements on the cards, you can think about how to make these cards less generic and more fun, quirky, and in your personal style. You can buy some funny cards about relocations online or make an effort and create unique notes by yourself.

Try to DIY Your New Custom Moving Announcements

There are numerous online stores from where you can shop some funny notes and use them to notify your loved ones about the move. They aren’t always the best option but can be useful if you are relocating at the last minute and are too busy getting organized for the move to be creating some more unique annunciation notes in your own style.

However, if you have time to make special notes, your friends might find them more interesting and exciting. You can find plenty of ideas on the internet that will inspire you with this creative task. For example, on Pinterest, you can find some super fun quotes for relocations and ideas for DIY notes.

Your notes can simply emphasize your personality and the reason for your move through an image or a quote, whether you are relocating for a college or perhaps relocating across the country for love. On YouTube, you will also find some crafty videos, which will show you that letters and notes don’t have to be in a boring regular shape, just like the one below.

Announcing a Move on Social Media Is Super Useful and Can Also Be Creative

Let’s face the reality, sending cards and postcards through delivery is quite charming but kind of outdated and too time-consuming. If you are too busy preparing for the move and don’t feel like sending out dozens of letters, simply use your social media platform to announce the relocation. It does not have to be too simple and dull such as just messaging your buddies about the move – you just have to put a little effort into it.

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Announcing the news on your social media is easy but can also be creative

How Do You Announce That You’re Moving on Social Media in a Fun and Exciting Way?

Forget about just simply writing a Facebook status or forwarding the same message about the move to all of your buddies. Your relocation should be much more fun than that, and you should consider some of these next few ways of announcing your move in a fun and creative way.

Create a digital card online and email it

There are numerous websites and free programs online which will allow you to create a fun card and customize it for your buddies. You can use cute stickers and graphics to illustrate your move or insert your own photo. For example, if you’re relocating while pregnant, use some clipart of mum and babies, or if you’re relocating during the holidays, create some Christmas-themed cards.

Create a fun Instagram post

In the same way you prepared a digital card for your email list, you can create a simple yet unique Instagram post. You can make some digital art or simply take a photo on your own that will illustrate your move in the best way possible. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t share your personal address online unless you’re posting for only your closest buddies.

Create a Facebook group or private page

Creating a private group or a private page on Facebook can be a great way to announce the good news to your loved ones. It isn’t time-consuming, you can post different types of materials (status, photo, video), and you will get more interaction as everyone can react and comment. You will also be able to control who is going to be on the page/group, so you automatically have the needed privacy.

Be the star of a short video

Recording a video may not sound like the easiest option, but your buddies will undoubtedly adore it. If you’re shy, you can always film a simple announcement video where you will stand in front of the camera and hold a short speech. However, you can also be the coolest person ever and create a humorous video where you are rolling into packaging paper or tossing boxes and different packing materials around your house with your household members.

Social Media Is Very Useful When Announcing That You’re Going Back to Your Hometown

Relocating to your hometown after being away for some time may be harder than you think. Over time you may have lost contact with certain people, don’t know whether their address is the same, and are not sure how you can send them the notifications. So, how do you announce moving back home? In this case, social media platforms are the best option.

You can try and find your old buddies on Facebook or Instagram, get in touch with them and figure out if they are willing to meet up with you once you move back home. If you wish to send them some customized notes, you can use a certain photo from your childhood or school days, so your buddies can experience a nice trip down memory lane.

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Social media can be of great help when you're relocating back home

Relocations Are Always a Good Reason to Celebrate and Throw a Party

We can not think of a better thing to do when preparing for a move than throwing a party or a smaller gathering. Relocations are great occasions to celebrate with your loved ones and a unique opportunity to say goodbye to your friends.

Whether you wish to throw a nice dinner gathering, a raging one with booze and music, or perhaps a themed event – you simply cannot go wrong with creating any type of gathering for you and your companions. You can also make it a surprise party and announce that you are relocating away once they all get to your home.

If you wish to make relocating easier, you can throw a packing party where your buddies will help you pack furniture, perhaps figuring out what to get rid of. The gathering will be a great place for you to show your loved ones how much they mean to you and share with them some of your favorite memories you’ve had for years.

Don’t Forget About Throwing a Welcoming Party

Obviously, the fun never ends – as it shouldn’t! Once you are done unpacking at your new house and finishing the adjustment process, it is time to organize a nice gathering to introduce your loved ones into your nest. Besides catching up, this can also be a fun opportunity for you to meet some new neighbors. You can announce the housewarming party the same way you’ve announced your relocation or try some different ideas this time.

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Relocations are a perfect occasion for throwing a fun gathering

While You’re Saying Goodbye to Your Loved Ones – Hire a Professional Long Distance Moving Company to Handle Your Relocation

Now that you know all the possible ways to announce to your loved one that you are relocating, you might have even decided to spend more time saying goodbye and organizing a going away gathering. However, relocations do require lots of time and effort, and you can not just skip all those tasks of packing your belongings and preparing for car shipping.

What you can do is book long-distance moving services and an auto transport company, where long-distance movers will take care of packing your items and offer you useful storage services. The cross-country movers and the car shipping company will ensure your move goes smoothly, safely, and soundly – without any unnecessary stress.

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