8 Best Cities to Raise a Family in Florida

November 4, 2021 / Posted in Finding a Home
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If you like warmer weather and like to stay close to the beach, maybe you should consider relocating to some of the best cities to raise a family in Florida. These destinations are not only located in a warm and exciting state, but they are also safe and offer good educational options for youngsters. Check out some of the most recommended options and decide what suits your unique needs and preferences.

Nature in this state you'll get to enjoy after moving long-distance
This state offers various places that are perfect for families

Is Florida Good to Raise a Family?

This state is a suitable choice for families who want to enjoy a warm climate, various options for weekend getaways, exciting opportunities, pleasant surroundings, waterfront sports options, and much more. Some of the places we’ll list are great for young professionals with children as well. Apart from the previously mentioned amenities, they also offer other important features that you need to take into consideration when moving with children:

  • Educational options,
  • Cost of living and job market,
  • Crime rates and safety,
  • Children-friendly amenities.

If you consider all of these factors before making the final cut, the chance that you’ll make a mistake when moving is much lower.

What City in Florida Is the Best to Raise a Family?

Defining just one best place to live in Florida with kids isn’t easy. We’ll try to make this list shorter, so it will be easier for you to pick a perfect spot. But first things first – you’ll need to set your priorities and decide what’s important for you and your family members. After all, the most suitable place is the one that offers everything you need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Street with palms
Decide what's important for you and your loved ones

#1 Nocatee Offers a Welcoming Community

This master-planned community is suitable for a relaxed lifestyle – it has a population of about 15,000, and most residents own their homes. With no traffic jams and short commute time, you can get anywhere you want in a few minutes. It is located about 26 miles south of Jacksonville, so you can visit this place any time you want. Nocatee offers various lovely neighborhoods, beautiful beaches, recreational areas such as golf courses, shopping malls, parks, and fine dining options. The median home value is about $400,000, which is a reasonable price for the area.

Some of the Highest-Rated Schools in the State Are Right Here

Statistics and online reviews show that this area offers some of the highest-rated schooling institutions in the state. According to Niche, these are:

  • Ponte Vedra High School,
  • Valley Ridge Academy,
  • Alice B. Landrum Middle School,
  • Ocean Palms Elementary.
Kids at school
Nocatee offers some of the highest-rated schools in the state

#2 Palm Valley Might Be Perfect for Families

This is one of the safest cities in the state, so it’s definitely one of the highly recommended options for your relocation. It has a population of about 22,000, and it’s a pretty lively and exciting place to live. People are very friendly, so it won’t be hard to make friends in this welcoming community. The median house value in this area is about $450,000, and the median rent is approximately $1,400, but the majority of residents own their homes. If you want to move out of state on a budget, you should consider if buying a home at this price suits you.

Educational Options Are Outstanding

If you check the Niche reviews, you’ll see that this place offers some highly rated educational institutions. Some of the good public schools serving Palm Valley are:

  • Ponte Vedra High School,
  • Ocean Palms Elementary,
  • St. Augustine Public Montessori School.
Neighbors having a barbeque after moving long-distance
Making friends with neighbors will be a breeze in Palm Valley

#3 Winter Springs Is Very Affordable

Statistics show that over 93% of residents in this place have a high school degree and that almost 30% of the population are families with children. This place is well-known for affordable housing options and good education. The place is also close to Orlando, so DisneyWorld is one of the things you can visit on weekends. Nearby Lake Jessup is also an attractive destination for a fun getaway with rich wildlife and beautiful landscapes. With plenty of new constructions and a constantly growing real estate market, this place might be perfect for your upcoming relocation to a new state. The median home value is about $240,000, which is more than affordable considering prices in other nearby places.

Safety and Amenities Make Winter Springs Stand Out From Other Places

If you check out FBI crime rates and statistics, you’ll easily see that this place is recognizable for low crime rates and outstanding safety. With that in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy many events without worries. Winter Springs organizes an annual Festival of the Arts that can be interesting for kids of different ages. Winter Springs Hometown Harvest is a fall festival that attracts many visitors, and it offers fun fall activities such as pumpkin carving, hayrides, and painting contests. Winter Wonderland is a celebration that takes place on December 7th, and it is one of the longest-running perennial favorites. It includes a tree lighting ceremony, dance classes, parade, and much more, so don’t miss it.

kids in school after moving cross-country
Winter Springs also offers high-ranking educational options

#4 Oviedo Is a Quiet Suburban City

Another suburb of Orlando with excellent reviews might be perfect for moving in together with a partner and raising children. Public schools are highly rated, the population is diverse, and the real estate market is constantly developing. You can also consider expanding your business, so moving an office here is another thing to think about. Crime rates and statistics show that this place is much safer than most other parts of the US. Locals are kind and welcoming, so try meeting your new neighbors as soon as you move and ask them about the most interesting locations to visit with your kids. Some of our suggestions are the Black Hammock Wilderness Area and different annual festivals.

Schools and Education Are Excellent

Over 21 public schools service Oviedo, so it will be easy for you to find a perfect fit for your children. Some of the most recommended options are:

  • Choices in Learning Charter School,
  • Rainbow Elementary,
  • Lawton Elementary.
 family walking in a park after moving long-distance
Enjoy spending time with your kids in nature in Oviedo

#5 Miami Lakes Offers Good Business Opportunities

Households with kids take up to 35% of the population in this place of 30,000 residents, so it should give you a good impression of the place you’re looking for. It is also known as one of the most affordable locations in the state. It offers various after-school activities for youngsters and good safety rates. If you’re currently unemployed and planning a last-minute relocation, you should know that the job market is currently looking for experts in human resources, medical assistants, and marketing and communication specialists. Some of the top companies hiring here are Kelly Services and Cardinal Health.

This Area Offers Some of the Highest Rated Schools in the State

If you are getting organized to move and want to ensure your kids get a good education, Miami Lakes might be a perfect fit. Schooling options in this area are showing outstanding rates and reviews – some of the highest-rated schools in the state are here. Judging by Niche, these are:

  • Schools for Advanced Studies – Wolfson,
  • School for Advanced Studies – South,
  • School for Advanced Studies -North,
  • Coral Reef Senior High School.

Small school size allows teachers to build more intimate relationships with their students, making their work much better and more suitable for the individual needs of every student.

a family sitting on their lawn after moving cross-country
One-third of households in Miami Lakes are families with kids

#6 Heathrow Has Low Crime Rates and Good Amenities

Let’s start with crime rates – there is almost none of it in this place. It is a very safe and welcoming community, a perfect place to grow and study. If you decide to relocate here, there is absolutely no need for relocation stress – real estate prices are reasonable, and schools are highly rated. With the median household income exceeding $100,000, you can conclude that people are also getting good wages around this place. If you’re relocating during summer, the only thing you need to consider is heat, but this shouldn’t worry you, either. You’ll find beautiful beaches around the corner, so you can easily cool off at any time.

Local Schools Have Good Reviews

With many great public schools serving this place, you don’t have to stress over your children’s education either. Good schooling options around here might be a good reason to move. Some of the highest-rated options are:

  • Choices in Learning Charter School,
  • Heathrow Elementary School,
  • Crooms Academy of Information Technology.
person at the beach
If you move to Heathrow, beaches will be just around the corner

#7 Keystone Is Also Attractive for Families

Another amazing option, even if you’re moving out for the first time and scared of possible outcomes, is Keystone. Relocating to a new home shouldn’t be very stressful, especially if you decide to hire professional long-distance movers and rely on their convenient moving services. This will not only help you move efficiently but also leave you more time to take care of your kids during this challenging period. This place offers great parks and schooling systems, making it ideal for quiet family life. Considering that almost 95% of residents own their homes, buying real estate here might be one of the options. The median home price in this place is approximately $380,000, judging by Niche’s reviews.

Public Schools Serving Keystone Are Highly Rated

Relocating to a bigger city opens up many possibilities when it comes to education. However, this city has an extraordinarily good schooling system even though it’s not very big in size and population. Some of the highest-rated schools are:

  • Steinbrenner High School,
  • Sickles High School,
  • Terrace Community Middle School,
  • Williams Middle School,
  • Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School.
women on a bike
Keystone has some great parks for outdoor activities

#8 Palmetto Bay Offers Beautiful Green Areas and Parks

Palmetto Bay is another one of the best places to live in Florida for families – it offers safe surroundings and various interesting amenities as well as a good schooling system and suitable housing options. With loads of parks and green space, it’s ideal for people who love spending time outside. Local parks are great for picnics, and nearby beaches are perfect for swimming, diving, and relaxation. As a suburb of Miami, this place offers easy access to everything you might need.

The only negative factor could be slightly higher real estate prices. The median home value in this place is approximately $560,000, and the median rent is $1,200, but the majority of the population own their homes. Before drawing any negative conclusion, you should also keep in mind that the median household income in this place is more than $120,000 – among the highest in the US.

Amenities Here Are Very Attractive

Palmetto Bay’s Coral Reef Park is one of the most interesting attractions, both for visitors and residents of different ages. This is a true oasis for walkers and picnickers – with more than 50 acres of untouched beauty, you’ll lose track of time while enjoying the surroundings here. Deering Estate offers more than 400 acres of coastal scenery with beautiful cottages, the main house, and extensive gardens. Brickell Bay Terrace is open to the public and offers views that are often seen in TV shows and movies. It’s not unusual to see dolphins around here, so don’t forget to bring your camera and capture these precious moments with your little ones.

beach in SD you can visit after moving to another state
You can enjoy exploring beaches around this area

You Won’t Regret Relocating if You Choose One of the Best Places to Raise a Family in Florida

All of these places offer amazing amenities that are kid-friendly, and your kids are going to enjoy life here. A safe environment, amazing beaches, warm weather, and great schools make all of these cities perfect candidates for your new home. The only thing left is planning your relocation, and there is no easier way to do it than to hire professional cross-country movers – with their assistance, you’ll move efficiently in no time. You might also learn some cool moving tips along the way. There is no need to hesitate or have second thoughts – this state is one of the dreamiest locations in the USA and ideal for all age groups. Depending on your personal preferences, pick your perfect fit and start living your own fairytale.

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