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April 21, 2022 / Posted in City Guides
Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Folks have been moving out of San Francisco, California, for a few years now. This level of migration only increased during the pandemic, making it impossible to survive in one of the country’s priciest cities. However, finding a place with similar vibes and standards as SF can be pretty difficult. Read some tips on where to move from SF and why.

A girl saluting SF as she's preparing for long-distance moving
Leaving SF has become an increasing trend among its locals

Why Are People Moving Out of San Francisco?

For a start, the question on many people’s minds might be – is SF losing population? According to several sources, approximately 15,000 residents moved out of SF during the pandemic in 2020, about 1,7% of the overall population. If you’re reading this and considering relocating for the first time out of SF, the numbers are about to drop even more.

There are numerous reasons why everyone’s leaving the Bay Area and California in general. Besides the home of Silicon Valley, LA and other semi-large California cities also prove extremely expensive to maintain a leisurely lifestyle.

Those that thrive the most are tech entrepreneurs, whose arrival has also caused an increase in rents and, consequently, homelessness. Of course, it’s impossible to relate a rise in homelessness to one specific factor, but all the statistics match too well to be accidental.

Fortunately for everyone looking to move out, there are places you can go to easily make friends in a new city.

It’s One of the Most Expensive Cities in the Country

Many are calling long-distance moving services to execute their plan to move to a new place. The Bay Area lifestyle has caught up to many and become impossible to maintain; this is especially true for those living and relocating to another state alone.

According to Numbeo, a website that compares living costs, SF has the most expensive rent for three-bedroom apartments globally (on a list of 598 cities). Their cost distribution data shows that 50% of people’s finances go on rent and 24% on food and markets.

There Are Less and Less Available Job Opportunities

For a while, the main question on everyone’s minds was, “why are so many people moving to San Francisco?” During the rise of Silicon Valley, young entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts were relocating from small towns to a big city.

One would think there are always employment opportunities there, but getting noticed in other fields can be more complicated for a place that got quickly taken over by the tech industry.

For those who plan to relocate to a new state, the primary motivation is reaching a place with a more diverse industry or better and more accessible tech opportunities. Leaving the Bay Area is sad, as it’s a beautiful location, but when it stops being affordable, it’s for the best.

A view of the docks in SF, California
Folks are leaving California because of its expensive rents and lifestyle

Where Are San Francisco Residents Moving To? The Three Cities You’re Bound to Love More than SF

Relocating to another big city from SF is entirely possible. With the help of a cross-country moving company, you can save on relocation costs and settle anywhere in the US. If you’re unsure of your next destination, try an online where to move quiz or check out the cities described below.

Our tips for interstate relocation are to set your priorities, determine a timeline and a budget, and hire a relocation and car shipping company to provide auto transport services and move you out of the Bay Area.

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People Moving Out of San Francisco Can Go Anywhere

If facing a last-minute relocation, you can always contact long-distance movers to offer packing services and anything else you may need. More importantly, you can rely on the following cities to become your new home away from SF – Boise, Idaho, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why these three cities? Well, you can go anywhere you like, which is good news. However, these three places are the most similar to SF but offer significant relief in finding work, housing, and driving around without getting stuck in traffic.

The girl in the video below speaks about relocating from SF and explains why she decided to do it. She also mentions the pros and cons of living there, which may help you feel less alone in the desire to leave or take the first step in doing it.

The “Surge City” of Boise, Idaho, Is a Great Place for Tech Workers

Boise (pronounced boy-see) is the easiest place to get a job before relocating out of SF because it’s considered the next Silicon Valley. In case you’re a worker in the tech industry, the capital of Idaho will feel like a massive load was taken off your shoulders and a second home at the same time.

What should your relocation budget to Boise be? While it’s no news that saving money to move or do anything in SF is tough, relocating with what you have will be enough to settle in this Idaho town. Rents are 100% higher in SF, and for three-bedroom apartments, 200%.

Compared to the average of $6,700 for three bedrooms in SF, you can get the same deal in Boise for $2,200. If you save up over time and relocate with a hefty budget, you’ll be able to survive and use the extra money to take your time settling.

Of course, Boise isn’t just great because it’s super affordable and tech-savvy. It has around 200,000 residents who all enjoy an active lifestyle. With numerous mountains, lakes, and hiking trails nearby, many residents take their families on adventures during the weekends and holidays.

Boise enjoys four seasons year-round, and they’re all mild. Sports are also integral to being a Boisean, and festivals and events throughout the year include athletic events.

Boise Has Numerous Booming Industries Waiting for Employees

Besides being the next Silicon Valley and offering numerous high-tech jobs, Boise has much more to offer. Major industries include:

  • Agriculture,
  • Food processing,
  • Healthcare,
  • Tourism,
  • Government,
  • Services.

The top employer is Albertsons Inc., in the service industry. Others include Blue Cross of Idaho (healthcare,) Fred Meyer (food,) and Hewlett-Packard, more known as HP (tech).

An aerial view of Boise, Idaho, and its tree line
Boise is an excellent choice for SF residents looking to put their foot off the gas and relax a bit more

Small Town Vibes In a Big Developing Town Are In Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina, is ideal for those relocating while pregnant or with young children. It’s called the City of Oaks because of numerous oak trees gracing the streets. It’s considered a national historic landmark and has many historical attractions and museums.

Aside from the historical significance of Raleigh, you can see the benefits of relocation in the nature of the locals – they live in a tight-knit community and help each other in every sense. You can settle down as soon as you move in, which is excellent for anyone looking to move to another state alone or with a young family.

There Are Vast Parklands In and Around Raleigh

Next to rents in SF being higher by about 100%, the capital of North Carolina also has over 200 parks – with around 400,000 residents, that’s quite a lot. You can even visit Raleigh’s official website and find parks by name on it; they include dog parks, playgrounds, fields, and pools.

The top industries are:

  • Retail,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction,
  • Finance and insurance,
  • Transportation and warehousing,
  • Wholesale trade,
  • Healthcare,
  • IT.

In 2021, the top employer in Raleigh was Duke University and Health System (healthcare). North Carolina offers government jobs as the second-largest employer; following them are Walmart, a famous retailer, and IBM, a renowned IT company.

A view of Raleigh and its many trees and vast nature
Raleigh is a home away from home and quick to warm up to

For People That Want to Move For the Culture, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Is the Place to Be

When you’re relocating to a new place alone, few cities in the US can accommodate that sort of lifestyle. Living alone can be tricky, especially after a San Francisco move out, but Minneapolis will quickly become the place you love.

Minneapolis has a similar culture to SF, maybe the most out of the three places on the list. That’s a pretty good reason to move if you’re not ready to leave the lifestyle entirely behind you. They’re similar because they’re both on the list of the best cities for millennials, extremely cycling-friendly, and tech and art meccas.

The similarities with SF end when comparing housing prices. Rents are around 110% higher in the Californian tech mecca, and it was more heavily struck by the pandemic than Minneapolis. This Minnesotan town has titles of the geekiest town in the US and the hipster capital of the Midwest.

Minneapolis Is One of the Best Cities for Millennials

Folks born in the ’90s will love Minneapolis. It has the appeal of a charming, calm and outdoorsy place where cycling and alternative transportation methods reign over cars. It’s a green and eco-oriented place, and most significantly, a foodie town.

Still, those looking to succeed and get to work in Minneapolis will be happy to hear that it’s the headquarters of fifteen Fortune 500 companies, and they all belong to various industries.

The top industries in town are:

  • Healthcare and social assistance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Retail trade,
  • Education,
  • Professional and scientific services,
  • Finance and insurance,
  • Food and agriculture,
  • Construction.

The data on top employers in Minneapolis is quite clear. The largest employer is Target (retail,) followed by United Health Group (healthcare,) Cargill (food, nutrition, and agriculture,) and 3M (science).

View of Minneapolis from the river
Minneapolis is an ideal replacement for SF, and the geekiest town in the US, at that

If You’re Leaving San Francisco, Call Cross-Country Movers For Professional Assistance

When thinking of San Francisco moving out, planning to move out on a budget may seem like an impossible task. However, calling a long-distance moving company will help you have a stress-free relocation and learn more relocation tips along the way.

Hiring a relocation firm that doubles as an auto transport company will allow you to manage your finances and move on a budget efficiently and safely. Relocation companies that offer all these services are professional and highly skilled in handling all types of cargo.

Additionally, many offer extra amenities like storage service to keep your stuff safe in case of a plan B and relocation insurance for making sure you’re also financially covered. When leaving SF, you’ll need all the support necessary to make the transition painless, and a professional relocation firm can ensure that.

Two cross-country movers holding boxes and smiling
Movers can help you change environments safely, without spending all your hard-earned money

Leaving SF Can Help You See the Good In Other Places

SF was the mecca and saving grace for many tech companies and start-ups for a while. It does deserve accolades for pushing boundaries when no cities were able to do so, but it’s become a slightly worn-out version of its old self.

After the pandemic, folks have realized there’s more out there, especially across the US. Places like Raleigh, Minneapolis, and Boise prove that you don’t have to spend most of your cash on rent to live a good life. Pack your bags and get ready for a new adventure.

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