Step-by-Step Guide to How to Pack a Desk for Moving

November 19, 2018 / Posted in How-to
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Relocations consist of many important decisions, as well as hard work and, above all, planning. And if you decide to take all your furniture with you, learning how to pack a desk for moving will be of paramount importance. It’s not an easy task, but if you are determined and follow the steps in this guide, your favorite desk will arrive unscathed.

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There is a way to pack up the table without a fuss

Let’s face it – cross-country moving is not easy to handle. It is very complex and can take a toll even on the most skilled organizers, and these are all the reasons why it’s so stressful. You have to consider how to move out of state on a budget, whether you’ll hire cross-country movers, and whether you will use an auto transport company to ship your car. Then there’s your whole household to place in boxes and transport, where large pieces can be most challenging to move. It will require both time and effort, but it’s doable and can even take a little less effort by following this guide.


Step 1: Start by Deciding Whether You’ll Take Your Heavy Furniture at All

Americans move more than 11 times in their lifetime, and many of us choose not to leave behind such a piece as a solid-wood table, no matter how much work it requires to be moved or how much it will affect the cost of interstate relocating. Did you know that US companies purchase 3 million desks every year? These furniture pieces actually first appeared in the late 17th century as bureaus, but only after the UK Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century they got the look we know them today. Whether it’s part of our daily work routine or it has sentimental value, we may not want to part with it, and we would like to see it in our new place, even if we are last-minute relocating.

Or Perhaps Leave It Behind

On the other hand, you may want to rethink this decision. Will it fit with the rest of your belongings and in the layout of the new residence? After all, when you call a long-distance moving company to estimate the value of household goods, deciding not to move such a large and heavy piece will save you some money. But, don’t make any careless decisions, and decide with Marie Kondo’s method – “Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.” If it does spark joy, it would probably be best to take it with you, so you don’t have any regrets later.

A yes-no checklist overlay
Decide if your large table goes with you, or no

If You’ve Decided to Take It With You, Here’s the Second Step

If you are relocating to the suburbs, you will probably live in a spacious enough home, where your large office table will sit perfectly. So, the next thing to do is like with any other packing – to be able to take good care of this task, you’ll need to obtain the right packing materials. It’s especially important to have them at hand, to make sure your favorite table doesn’t get ruined in transport. Those materials include:

  • Protective blankets will be essential for this task. You can get specialized relocating blankets because they are thick and protect the piece from scratches. Ordinary blankets can do the job, too.
  • Bubble wrap is the ultimate material that we can use while packaging because of its versatility. It can be used for everything, from securing any fragile item to making a homemade fidget toy (most of us love popping those bubbles.) It will keep all delicate areas from scratches or any other kind of damage, so make sure you obtain at least several sheets.
  • Stretch wrap is a perfect material you can use to secure the blankets and keep them in place, so you can relax while your precious furniture piece is in transport.
  • Some sturdy tape is needed to keep everything attached to the table, but you’ll have to be sure you don’t apply it directly to the table’s surface.
  • Keep your toolbox nearby. It will come in handy while you prepare the piece for transportation.

That being said, the easiest way to pack for a move is to have the proper supplies, and it will make even this task less complicated.

One of the Additional Steps is to Obtain Furniture Sliders

When it comes to preparing household items for a move, you must avoid heavy lifting at all costs, and it’s achievable with a few hacks. Lifting large pieces is back-breaking work, but it can be done with much less effort if you approach this task wisely. Getting organized to move a table includes obtaining sliders, which will allow you to slide it safely across the house without causing any damage to the floor. Sliders are tiny pieces of rubber or plastic that are put under table legs to eliminate friction. Some are specifically designed for carpeted surfaces, and some for hardwood floors, so make sure to get the proper ones. You can see how to move a large piece using sliders in the video below.

Step 3: Acquire Some Help

How can I move my heavy desk by myself, you’re probably wondering. Before you get started, you should understand that doing everything by yourself is next to impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating alone – you don’t have to tackle all the hard work by yourself. And trust us, it’s not just too difficult to pull off by yourself, but it can also be dangerous. This is where your friends jump in; just make sure you call them up on time, so they can plan up ahead and be available when you need them. Finding one friend or family member can get the job done, but it’s preferable to have more helping hands for this difficult task. And remember, this is a perfect opportunity to hang out some more before you say bye to friends.

A woman and a man sitting overlay
Every job is easily done with a helping hands

Step 4: How to Pack a Desk for Moving

You are through with some preparatory steps like investing in long-distance moving services, and now you’re wondering, “how do I pack a desk for moving?” Before the movers arrive, you need to make sure you’ve secured your favorite wooden piece to avoid damage and that it can be safely transported and fit through every opening. To be able to do it properly, you’ll need to go through several phases, from removing drawers to carrying it out of the house.

Phase One – Disassemble the Desk for Moving, and It’s Best to Start by Removing the Drawers

The best way to efficiently move large items is to disassemble them for easier handling, and this is especially needed if you are preparing to move to another state. Gather your packing materials and your toolbox, and inspect the piece you’re about to start preparing for the move. If your table has drawers, pull them out to make the whole thing much lighter. If there are any possessions inside the drawers, remove them (or leave them if they are light.) If the piece has some more detachable parts, like a keyboard tray, make sure you detach it. Also, remove any glass elements because it’s better to secure them separately. If you have an L-shaped table, you can probably disassemble the two parts with a screwdriver.

Phase Two – Secure Each Detached Piece

You have probably thoroughly inspected the table and made sure every detachable part is now detached. It’s important to secure each piece, especially because smaller ones (like handles) can get lost along the way. Glass parts, as well as the keyboard tray or any decorative elements, should be enveloped with a soft material and wrapped with bubbles and stretch wrap, and in the end secured with tape. All the loose hardware parts are best placed in a ziplock bag and taped to some bulkier table piece cause losing them would be a real drag. Thinking about reassembling shouldn’t be among the things you forget to do when you move.

Phase Three – Pack Everything Up

If you’re relocating across the country for love and plan to move in with your significant other, and you know for a fact that they really like that table, you should give it your best to ensure it arrives unscathed. Now that all the detached parts are secured and packed, it’s time to thoroughly protect the mainframe. Grab those specialized thick blankets, and cover the desk’s entire surface for protection, but make sure you don’t skip any part. When you secure the blanket with tape, pay attention that it doesn’t come in contact with the wooden surface, as the residue may cause damage. Follow this same procedure if you want to know how do you wrap an end table for moving.

Wrapping a table with stretch plastic overlay
Don’t allow plastic wrap or tape to touch the wooden surface

Step 5: Move It Properly Through the House

Professional movers can move all sorts of stuff, from shipping a car cross country to bulkier pieces of personal property. However, you still need proper preparation, as well as careful handling to avoid damaging the piece. If you’re one of those digital nomads, so you can work from home, there will be no need for you to get a job before you move, but you’ll definitely need the table for work. Once the disassembling part is over, it’s time to move the precious piece out the door and onto the truck – also in several phases. If your helpers haven’t already arrived, make sure you wait for them because you’ll need assistance while lifting.

Plan Which Way You’ll Carry the Item

Both you and your helpers should walk around the house before you pick up the bulky table and start carrying it. No matter how well you think you know the place, you should check the distance you’re planning to take to the exit and pay attention to any obstacles. Be sure to double-check the table’s dimensions, but also door frames and stairs if there are any on the way. If you can remove anything to clear the path, this is the right moment to do it.

Slide and Carry, and Watch Out for the Doors

The sliding part will probably be the easiest task (easier than avoiding relocating scams), and with an extra pair of hands can be done in a jiffy, but you should slow down a bit when you get to the door frame. A disassembled item shouldn’t have a problem fitting through, but even if it doesn’t pass, just try different angles. If you are unlucky at this point, don’t worry – it can be worked around with some extra work. You’ll need to remove the door frame to free up some extra space.

Lift and carry it over any immovable obstacle, such as a doorstep. Just be careful enough while going down the stairs, and move one stair at a time. An if carrying it out of an apartment building, simply use the elevator.

Two men carrying an item overlay
Be careful when going down the stairs

Call the Professional Long-Distance Movers and Let Them Do the Heavy Lifting

No matter if you want your large possession stored into storage units, or you’ll take it directly to your new address, you’ll have to take these same steps, from securing the pieces to safely carrying them. We admit that while it’s a simple task, it’s not at all easy, especially if you’re afraid of damaging it. If you’re still wondering how do you transport a desk without breaking any sweat, the answer is to let the professional movers do it. That’s why, besides finding a reputable car shipping company, there are some questions to ask movers that you’ve chosen. You should inquire about their packing service and whether they could secure the table for you, but also get some information about relocating insurance. This is crucial if your favorite table has antique value or simply a sentimental one, so you can relax while it’s being shipped to your new home.

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