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3 ways you can pack your desk when moving

November 19, 2018

Moving your belongings from one home to another involves hundreds of important decisions which you have to make to keep things moving forward. One such decision is which pieces of furniture you want to take with you and which pieces you would be better off selling or giving away. One piece of furniture that might be hard for you to leave behind is your desk. 

laptop and a phone on the desktop
There is a way to pack up the table without a fuss

There are a lot of reasons to want to take your desk with you, such as design, material, practicality, aesthetic beauty and even sentimental value, why you might love your desk so much that you are willing to move it to your new home no matter the cost.  And if this is the case, then you should read these 3 ways you can pack your desk when moving. Desks are very diverse when it comes to shape, size, weight, and design, so it can be rather tricky to relocate a desk to your new home. It is even possible that you may get stuck in the doorway as your favorite desk will not fit through the door. Learn the best way to move a heavy desk so that you can have your valued piece of furniture in your new home.

What You Will Need to Pack Your Desk

The easiest way to move a heavy desk is to pay professional movers to do it for you. This way, you will save yourself the inevitable hassle that comes when a heavy piece of furniture has to be moved out of the home, loaded safely into a moving truck, and then transported, unloaded and finally taken inside your new home. The downside to hiring professionals is that you will have to pay for the moving services. So, after assessing the situation carefully, if you happen to be moving that large desk a short distance and have already secured a suitable moving vehicle, you can ask a few good friends to help you move your desk by yourself. Here is what you will need to have before tackling the task:

  • Get some help: You cannot relocate a heavy desk entirely by yourself, it is dangerous and impossible at the same time. As a rule, you are going to need some people to help you to get the job done safely.
  • Packing supplies: You are going to need to protect your furniture before moving it out of your home. You will need a few thick blankets to cover it and some sheets of bubble wrap to protect any delicate parts. You will also need packing tape to secure all the blankets and bubble wrap, remember not to attach any tape to the furniture directly.
  • Moving equipment: The correct moving equipment is crucial to making sure that you have furniture sliders on hand. Furniture sliders are durable pieces of plastic that are placed under each desk leg to minimize or eliminate the friction between the piece of furniture and the floor. There are furniture sliders designed for carpets and those designed for hardwood floors, so make sure you get the right ones when you purchase yours from the Home Depot or any other hardware store.
office desk at home
Gather supplies before boxing up your desk

Packing Your Desk for Moving

One of the most difficult steps of moving a desk by yourself is to actually protect your furniture before you attempt to move it from your study room, home office or wherever it might be located. Provided that you do a good job of packing your desk before the move, you will be glad to learn that the final moving stage will be a lot easier and safer. Here is how to pack your desk for the move:

Step 1. Disassemble the desk: If your desk has parts that can be taken apart safely, then you have to take those elements apart to facilitate the whole relocation. Take out the drawers, detach any removable trays, glass parts or shelves, anything that will lessen the weight of the desk and will reduce its size. You might need a screwdriver or another common tool to disassemble your desk correctly and safely.

Step 2. Secure the removed parts: Wrap the detachable components you just removed from the desk in moving blankets, then use tape to keep the protective blankets in place. If some elements happen to be breakable, wrap them in bubble wrap first then again with blankets to provide them with extra protection.

Step 3. Pack the drawers: If the drawers hold various items that aren’t heavy, then you might choose to wrap those drawers in stretch wrap without emptying them to speed up the packing process. If the drawers are full of fragile items or cumbersome ones such as books, then you will be better off emptying those drawers first and packing their contents separately.

Step 4. Wrap the whole desk: Now that you have secured the detached elements, make sure that you protect the main frame of the desk as well. Simply cover the desk completely in thick moving blankets to avoid any damage, then use tape to keep those blankets in position.

white office with a wooden table
You can bring your desk with you

How to Move a Desk by Yourself

Now that you have prepared your desk for the move by disassembling and packing it, it is time to move that desk out of your home and load it into the moving truck. These steps should help you with that.

Step 1. Plan out the exit route: The desk might be ready for moving, but the exit path might not be. Walk along the intended exit pathway with your friend to check the areas where you might run into problems, areas such as sharp corners, narrow corridors, stairs or doorways.

Step 2. Use the correct tools: You must limit any strenuous physical activity like lifting and carrying furniture to minimize the chance of injury. The best way to move a desk across the room is to utilize the right type of furniture sliders. Make sure to lift each desk side and place a slider underneath each leg or edge of the desk. Then, push the heavy desk carefully along the room with no damage to the floor and a minimum of effort from you and your friends.

Step 3. Fitting it out the door: Now that you have disassembled the desk as far as you can, you should not have any serious problems getting it out of the house. Try different angles if it seems like the desk will not be able to pass through the door. Consider removing the doorframe temporarily to get a few more inches of extra space.

Step 4. Navigating the stairs: If you are moving out of an apartment building, use the elevator to get out your desk safely without having to navigate long flights of stairs. When moving out of a house, you should be able to get the job done provided that your staircase is wide enough. Call professional movers if safety becomes an issue.

Step 5. Load it onto the truck: Use the trucks loading ramp to load the desk quickly and safely. Then, secure it using rope or ratchet straps so that the valuable piece of furniture will not shift during transport.

After reading these 3 ways you can pack your desk when moving, you should be more informed on how you can organize your move more effectively. If you are planning to hire a professional transport company, then know that dependable moving company is Flat Price Movers and Auto Transport which is at your service and can provide you with excellent car shipping services and can help you relocate to and from anywhere in the country.

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