How to Repurpose Old Furniture – 7 Unique Ideas

November 15, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Now more than ever, we are more aware of the importance of recycling. For that purpose, knowing some tips on how to repurpose old furniture can come in handy, especially if you’ve been planning to redecorate your home for years or you’re moving cross-country. We all know how expensive household belongings can be, so why not reuse the same vintage pieces and breathe a new life into them?

A wooden dresser after a car shipping company unloaded it from the long-distance moving truck overlay
Give your home a different look with some repurposed pieces

An average American spends around $530 on one piece of furniture. It’s a lot of money you could save just by redesigning some salvageable pieces. Don’t forget there’s the option of repurposing them completely, too. If you’re moving to another state, there are likely many things going on in your head, from deciding where you’ll live to making a relocation to-do list. It can be challenging thinking about what to do with all of your household goods. But with some great hacks on how to repurpose old worn-down furniture, we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

What Are the Benefits of Knowing How to Repurpose Old Furniture

We all know that buying stuff fresh from the store can feel so good. And in some cases, it is rather necessary. However, trends are changing quickly nowadays, and you can’t redecorate each month just because white is the new black. But once in a while, it’s a good idea to improve your home and freshen it up a bit.

On the other hand, if you’re getting organized to move and using long-distance moving services, think about the future house and how to make it feel like home. That’s when all the hacks and ideas for redecorating old tables, cabinets, chairs, and other stuff will come in handy. The great thing about doing a redesign is that you can get a completely functional piece out of an item that has been sitting in the basement for years.

What Can I Make With Old Furniture – Check Some DIY Ideas

After you calculate the cost of interstate moving, you might start thinking about relocating out of state on a budget. Don’t despair, there are many ways to save on relocation costs. One of the ways to do it and have fun at the same time is to do some repurposing and redesigning of your household goods.

If you’re drawn to the idea of repurposing vintage pieces from your household, then you could use some creative DIY ideas, too. For example, you can give a fresh look to a rusty table with some paint or use a dresser as a TV stand. Continue reading and get other innovative suggestions and solutions for boring or even damaged pieces from your house.


How Do You Redesign Old Furniture – Gather All the Needed Supplies First

Once you decide on the best time to move, you will start thinking about the services your long-distance moving company will provide, from auto transport to renting a storage facility for some of your belongings.

But the biggest concern is probably the packing process. Gathering first all the packing materials you’ll need and then packing each item carefully can be overwhelming. So, if you’re in the middle of a last-minute move, leave everything to professional movers – they will estimate the value of your household goods and take care of packing services.

That being said, you’ll have more free time to do some fun stuff, like thinking about design projects you get to do after the move. But first, you have to get all the needed materials to make your life easier once you get to work. Needless to say, the precise list of things to get will depend on the project, but in general, here is some stuff you’ll want to have:

  • Dish soap, sponge, and towels,
  • Paint remover and scraper,
  • Epoxy,
  • Sandpaper for wood,
  • Wood stain,
  • Various paints and brushes,
  • A basic toolkit.
A man varnishing a wooden surface after moving cross country overlay
Gather all the needed supplies and start working on your redesigning projects

Idea #1: Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Used in Other Rooms

Moving in with your significant other means you might end up with a lot of doubles, especially when it comes to kitchen furnishings. However, you might not want to say goodbye to the kitchen items you already packed and that cabinet already safely transported. So what do you do with it? Don’t just throw it away when you can get it repurposed easily and cheaply in just a few DIY steps:

  • Shoe storage bench – one of the super easy and quick projects. You’ll get a place for shoes and also a place where you can sit and put some stuff.
  • Garage storage – have a spacious and beautiful workshop for your garage with vintage kitchen cabinets.
  • Play kitchen for kids – a creative way to get your kids a fun toy, and it will cost you almost nothing.
A little girl playing with a kitchen toy after long-distance movers unloaded it from the truck overlay
There are many easy life hacks you can do with kitchen cabinets

Idea #2: Give That Boring Table a New Chance

If you’re wondering how to reuse old wood furniture and how that has anything to do with saving money to move, then you surely don’t know how little you’ll need to do a makeover. A simple and easy design will go a long way. The key when it comes to tables is to check which part you don’t like. Is it the surface or the whole piece?

If you swap up the base, you’ll get a completely different look, and instead of a dining table, you can get one for your office. All you need to do is repaint it and put glass over the top.

Get a Modern Food and Beverage Station From a Coffee Table

One of the relocation mistakes you might make is becoming so overwhelmed that you want to get rid of all the worn-out stuff. It’s completely normal you want to downsize for a move. In fact, the fewer items you have to pack and move, the more efficient your move will be.

However, you don’t have to give everything away when you know how to repurpose furniture with paint and minor makeovers. Repaint it in the fitting color and add wheels, and that’s it. You’ll have a completely chic and functional piece in your home.

Recycle the Headboard Into a Bench and Enjoy Pleasant Afternoons on Your Porch

Some DIY projects will take a bit more time and effort than others. But once you get the final result, you’ll be amazed. One of those projects is a headboard bench for your porch or even garden. There are many creative ideas you can use to get this repurposed jewel – here’s a video where you’ll see how to do it.

Idea #3: DIY Small Garden Tool Shed From a Vintage Cabinet

You’re tired of finding tools all over the garden? Then you can design an easy shed for them. Yes, there will be many things to do after the move – settling in and unpacking your belongings – but you surely don’t want someone to steal the precious tools just because you don’t have a place to put them.

All you need to do is get a worn-out cabinet or armoire and repaint it. Actually, it could be a good investment to buy one on Craigslist if you don’t already have it.

A man working in the garage overlay
An armoire can be turned into a perfect small shed for tools

Idea #4: Get Innovative Wall Decorations With a Repurposed Door

You’ve never thought that worn-out doors could be repurposed into wall decor? Well, repurposing salvaged furniture is always a good idea when you have wooden pieces like doors. All you have to do is secure the door directly to a wall and add a shelf. Not only is it visually appealing, but you’ll get more space for books or other things.

Give Your Porch a New Swing

One of the biggest benefits of moving to a larger place is all the creative and fun projects you get to do after the move. One of them is making a swing from the door you have kept in the basement for years and don’t know what to do with it. Ensure the original hinges are there so you can attach the seat. How you decorate depends on your preferences. Watch the video below for some more amazing tips on redecorating doors.

Idea #5: New Shelves and DIY Storage Ideas From Wooden Pieces

Learning how to repurpose wood has never been easier. If you have a dull cabinet with drawers and you’re thinking about tossing or donating it, think twice. These drawers can be new shelves for books, photographs, figurines, and whatever else you want. The best thing is that you can finish them in different ways.

Also, if you’re not into painting and making a mess, you can simply use adhesive paper for the background, and you’re done. You can have completely new and innovative shelves in your house.

Use Sewing Machine Drawers as Plant Holders in Your Home

Before the move, there are many things to think about, and one of them is how long it takes to pack a house. And yes, it might not make sense to move some of the older stuff like sewing machines and similar objects. However, with easy makeovers, you’ll get plant holders in no time. To get a clearer picture of how to do it, watch the video below.

Idea #6: Turn a Dresser Into a TV Stand

Repurposing a dresser you wanted to get rid of is a fun little project for after the move. We all know that the relocation process isn’t free and that a long-distance moving company with all its services will require money. Luckily, knowing how to convert old furniture to new will not only save you some money, but you’ll get to spend time doing creative stuff and getting rid of all that accumulated stress.

Be sure the dresser is all cleaned up so you can repaint it into a color that will fit with the interior design of the room. Get all the drawers out, and you’ll have a mini shelf or storage space under the TV. Watch the whole process of turning a dresser into a TV stand in the video below.

Idea #7: Mirrors Can Have Multiple Functions

Vintage mirrors are more than popular nowadays. However, many of us can’t find a perfect spot for them because they just don’t fit the interior. Somehow you end up transporting it to your future house because we all know how attached people can get to physical objects. Don’t worry; if it’s going to help you deal with anxiety after moving, you should still bring it with you. Some of the DIY budget-friendly ideas include repainting the frame and putting some interesting patterns on the mirror or getting the mirror out of the frame and replacing it with a painting.

Vintage mirror on the wall next to a vintage table overlay
Get your vintage mirror redecorated on a budget

After All the Tips and Tricks, You May Have Discovered a New Hobby

Making a big leap in your life and deciding to move is a challenging thing. However, it can get you so many benefits and opportunities. For example, perhaps you never knew that redesigning worn-out pieces from your household could be such fun. Now you have a new hobby, and if you’re persistent and resourceful enough, you may even be able to make some money with it.

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